Hope of Relief in God’s Mercy

I had a commenter on Possessing the Treasure several years ago who tried to discourage me and all of my readers with his aggressive attacks on the character of God along with his disparaging remarks about Christians in general. He called us all a bunch of deceived hypocrites who believed a lie and thought we were better than everyone else. Then he said that if God did exist he would find him then the first thing he would do would be to kick him in the crotch. Yes, he said that. I told him that I would reply to his comment, but then I would not let him comment further….

I told him that he had genuine Christians all wrong. Yes, there were plenty of professing Christians who were probably like that, but real Christians were humble, knowing they had received mercy they did not deserve by grace from God who is perfect, sovereign, and good. I told him also, that God probably took his threat as a joke, thinking it was pretty funny since He is omnipotent. However, this is not the point of this post. Do we really take our absolute unworthiness before God seriously? None of us deserve this wonderful salvation we have been given. We all deserve God’s wrath that is prepared for all those who love their sin and refuse to obey Him. However, because we have believed the Gospel and received our Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by the faith given to us as His gift (through grace), we are seen by the Father just as holy and righteous as the Son. This is mind-boggling! However, it is vital that as believers we continue to preach this Gospel to ourselves until we reach home. It is also vital that we continue to understand that in this life, we are still wretched sinners, but are saved by grace. View article →