Ex-Google Exec: By 2049, Artificial Intelligence Will Become ‘God’ — and Master of Man?

“People of faith may find this especially fanciful, but as one myself, here’s my take. We’re not God. But as His children we are capable of eventually, after enough toil, replicating what we can observe in the physical world. No, we can’t infuse our creations with souls; they’re of the spirit. But can we forge some soulless entity with intellect, self-awareness, and purpose? I’d guess yes — in time.”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American)  More than a century ago, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about the coming Übermensch, or superior man, and the “death” of God. Now Silicon Valley a-theologians predict the Singularity, the point at which artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human intellect. Not only is this development less than a decade away, they say, but what they outline sounds like a science-fiction movie plot:

By 2029, artificial intelligence (AI) surpasses human intellect. Twenty years later, ultra-intelligent machines become a billion-fold smarter than even the cleverest among us, making the man-AI intellectual chasm like that between a fly and Einstein. That this will happen there is no doubt (barring the end of the world or the onset of some profoundly dark age), but, well, this is where it gets sticky. Does AI become an almost omnipotent, practically omniscient servant in the hands of oh-so flawed man?  View article →


Futurism – Transhumanism

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