Bethel Church Preaches ‘Tunnel of Youth’ Heresy That You Can Reverse Your Age

“In one of the latest videos [on the site] to surface, Bethel Church is preaching a “tunnel of youth” heresy. Similar to Bethel’s “tunnel of fire” nonsense affirmed by Michael Brown as an act of the Holy Spirit…”

(Reformation Charlotte)  If you’re familiar with the cult of Bethel Redding, you’re aware they practice such things as grave sucking (or grave soaking) whereby people lay on the graves of dead people to “soak” the anointing from them….

They also put glitter in the air vents and, somehow, the people of the congregation are duped into believing that it’s a manifestation of the Holy Spirit floating around inside the sanctuary. It’s really weird stuff that you can read about at this link.

Bethel Redding is arguably the worst and most blasphemous organization on the face of the Earth that claims to be a Church. Bethel is more of a harlot than even the Roman Catholic Church. View article →


Bethel Redding

Research: New Apostolic Reformation

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