Now We Know Who Was Behind the Tiki-Torch White Supremacist Stunt in Va.

A group of supposed Republicans who are fiercely anti-Trump sent five people posing as white supremacists with tiki torches to a campaign stop in Charlotte in an attempt to link GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin to “racist” Donald Trump. The stunt bombed big time.  Matt Margolis of PJ Media has the story:

Update: 7:56 p.m.: The Lincoln Project is taking credit for the botched stunt.

Lauren Windsor, a communications consultant and Executive Director of American Family Voices (a DC progressive pressure group), is also bragging about her role in the desperate shenanigan:

In my capacity as a communications consultant, I worked w

@ProjectLincoln to coordinate today’s Youngkin action in Charlottesville. I join them in the fight to defend our democracy from rightwing extremists and call for Glenn Youngkin to denounce Trump’s ‘very fine people.

Virginia Democrats must know just how bad things are looking for Terry McAuliffe in the gubernatorial election that will be decided on Tuesday. In addition to the McAuliffe campaign hiring a lawyer known for challenging election results (and trying to kill that story) Virginia Democrats have resorted to a false flag stunt right out of the Jussie Smollett playbook. View article →


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