The Left Is Gaslighting Us… AGAIN!

“Coming out of the laughable elections of 2020, where a literal dementia patient, who has bathroom accidents while visiting the pope, supposedly toppled the most successful single term President in history, there was only one focus that Americans should have had electorally before the next round of votes were taken: election integrity.”

(Kevin McCullough – Townhall)  Here we are, one year past the elections of 2020, and familiar themes are being struck. “The Democrats have no winning message, and Republicans should fare well this year and next.”

Democrats, having been given one year of complete power in Washington DC, appear a shambles. Their moderates have lost most battles with their fringe extremists. They have no legislative wins to brag about. They’ve exposed their true anti-American agenda. They’ve been caught red-handed lying to the American people, as well as lying under oath to the United States Senate. They are implementing authoritarianism at the city, state, and federal government levels. Inflation is sky-rocketing. They bungled the worst exit we’ve ever conducted from a theater of war. They literally gave the same terrorists we’ve been attempting to keep at bay for two decades their own sandbox to go back to training in. They ended our energy independence, killed ten of thousands of jobs for pipeline workers, and denied our right to a pipeline, all while doing the opposite for the Russians. The *President is owned by China—our most lethal and destabilizing threat. They are denying therapeutic cures for the pandemic that have ended other nations’ new cases of CoVid19. They are telling parents we have no right to stop public educators who have simultaneously promised to teach racism to our children. They’ve even labeled as “phony culture wars” the objections of parents who don’t want their daughters raped in school bathrooms by skirt-wearing boys—even AFTER it has happened. They are doubling down on mandates, and more.  View article →


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