The Woke vs. The Awakened

“The woke monsters are everywhere, reminding us what we can no longer say or do. They are often snooty zealots who might have tried out for Mao’s “Red Guards” in ’49.  They are on a mission to collapse independent thought and turn Americans into politically correct pod people.” 

(Bill O’Reilly)  So now the “tomahawk chop” that fans do at the Atlanta Braves stadium is racist.  Does Jane Fonda know?  While married to one-time Braves owner Ted Turner, the liberal icon was chopping all over the place.

Shame, shame, Jane!

Doesn’t she understand doing a tomahawk motion in support of a baseball team demeans Native Americans? Especially when it’s done by white fans who apparently are insensitive to what their ancestors did to the Indians.

Wait, can I say Indians?  Is “original settlers” better?”  I don’t know.  Maybe the very woke Sports Illustrated magazine can tell me.  It ran the piece calling millions of fans racist for doing the chop. View article →

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