Left’s ‘absurdities’ like calling Winsome Sears a White ‘ventriloquist’ are ‘Satanic attacks on God’

“What we’re really seeing here from Joy Reid, from Michael Eric Dyson, and from Jonathan Capehart — this is Satanism; this is satanic.” 

(Charles Creitz – Fox News)  The increasing prevalence of liberals demanding the rest of America defend their “absurdities” is a realization of Voltaire’s warning that such individuals are then able to commit “atrocities” as they wish, commentator Jason Whitlock said Sunday, pointing to left-wing commentators’ fact-free attacks on Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears.

On “Life, Liberty & Levin,” host Mark Levin asked Whitlock to respond to two recent critiques from Washington Post writer and MSNBC commentator Jonathan Capehart as well as author and Vanderbilt African-American studies professor Michael Eric Dyson.

“They want credit for breathing. They want credit for having what they want… No, you are doing what all political figures must do – make choices,” Dyson said in a recent MSNBC appearance. View article →


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