Calls Mount For Evangelical Publication To Retract Article Likening Kyle Rittenhouse To ‘Mass Shooter’

“This article by @TGC is one of the reasons why evangelicals have remained divided by social justice. This article ignores the law & villainizes an innocent man by promoting the CRT / BLM talking points,” added G3 Ministries director Josh Buice, calling The Gospel Coalition’s actions “irresponsible” and “anti-gospel.”

(Josh Zeisloft – Daily Wire) Calls are mounting for evangelical publication The Gospel Coalition to address a piece that called Kyle Rittenhouse an “armed mass shooter,” like the Charleston church shooter.

On Friday afternoon, Kyle Rittenhouse — an eighteen-year-old who killed two men and injured a third while defending himself during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin — was cleared of multiple murder charges. Since the August 2020 incident, left-leaning journalists, politicians, and celebrities have used the Rittenhouse case as evidence that the United States and its institutions are irreparably and systemically racist. View article →


The [anti] Gospel Coalition 

Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

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