Our Hostile Government

“This whole “woke” enterprise as got to go—and that means starting now, not waiting for the 2022 elections and pinning our hopes on them. It’s got to stop. Must we sit on our hands while they wreck America?”

(Lee Luigon – News With Views) Apart from our country’s spiritual problems—which are at the root of all the other problems—we seem to have a hostile government.

We are governed by people who don’t like us, our country, or our way of life; who don’t listen to us; who try to deceive us at every opportunity, because they think we’re fools; who “teach” our children that America is a racist hell-hole, unworthy of their loyalty; who spend our money carelessly, as if to show us how little they respect us; who let convicted felons out of jail to prey on us some more; who refuse to stop illegal aliens from swarming over our southern border, hoping to turn them into reliable Democrat voters—well, the list could go on and on for quite a ways, couldn’t it?  View article →


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