New Poll Shows 56% of Americans Want Roe Overturned or Mississippi Abortion Ban Upheld

Baby at 15 weeks. babycenter screenshot

(Steven Ertelt – LifeNews) A new poll shows a majority of Americans want Roe v. Wade either fully overturned or limited because it allows late-term abortions.

Polling data on where Americans stand on the infamous 1973 Supreme Court case is historically unreliable because most polls merely ask people whether they want to overturn Roe and a majority of respondents have no idea that Roe v. Wade essentially allows abortions up to birth unless states take the only actions Roe allows, which is limiting abortions after viability, when unborn babies can live outside the womb….

Some people even believe Roe was a pro-life Supreme Court case that protected babies from abortions or that it merely allowed very early abortions while letting states ban most of the rest.

With that in mind, the only polling data on Roe that has any validity is data collected about questions where what Roe did is more fully explained. View article →


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