Adam Schiff Uses Text Messages That Disprove Insurrection to Try to Shore Up Sagging Insurrection Narrative

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) Liz Cheney on Monday revealed text messages from former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows’ phone. Despite the fact that they prove that there never was an insurrection, the Democrats and their media sycophants were working hard Tuesday to make the texts out to be the bombshell that will finally, once and for all, destroy Donald Trump. Foremost among them was, not surprisingly, Adam Schiff (D-OrangeManBad), whose only claim to fame as a congressman has been his relentless and evidence-free efforts to drive Trump first from the presidency, and now from public life altogether.

Schiff appeared Tuesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports trying to shore up the Democrats’ sagging Jan. 6 insurrection narrative. No one has been charged with insurrection, no one was armed, the only person killed on the scene was a Trump supporter, and Trump himself called for a peaceful protest, but the facts have never mattered to a Left driven mad with hatred for the man whose continued popularity threatens their hold not just on the three branches of government, but on the popular culture as well. View article →


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