Crib Notes From the Joe Rogan–Dr. McCullogh Interview Everyone Is Talking About

“The left is quick to denounce Rogan every chance they get. YouTube deleted the video of Rogan speaking with McCullough. The left accused him of taking a horse dewormer to beat the bat flu. (He didn’t.) Why does the left fear him? He is crushing everyone, including Tucker Carlson, in the ratings.”

(Kevin Downey JR- PJ Media) Comedian Joe Rogan’s December interview with Dr. Peter A. McCullough is fascinating. It’s also almost three hours long. I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch it or listen to it on a long car ride, as I did.

If you prefer, here is the transcript. Keep in mind there is some over-talking in the transcript.

For those who can’t spare the three hours, here are some take-aways from what Dr. McCullough had to say. Keep in mind, this is one doctor’s opinion. (And again, the transcript is sometimes more confusing than listening to the interview.)

Who is Dr. McCullough?

In his own words,

I’m Dr. Peter McCullough. I’m an internist and cardiologist. I’m also trained in epidemiology. I [have] an academic practice in Dallas, Texas, so I see patients about half the time. I saw patients yesterday, drove down today to see you here in the studio, and the rest of my time I spend as an author, an editor. I’m an editor of a major journal in cardiovascular medicine, the former editor of an international journal, the President of a major medical society right now, currently about five years into that position, and I frequently publish in my field. I study the interface between heart and kidney disease. I’m the most published person in my field in history. I have over 650 publications in the National Library of Medicine. View article →


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