COVID 19 and the Deification of Government

“What the United States has experienced since March of 2020 is but a microcosm of what will happen to this nation if an increasing percentage of the citizenry chooses to deify government and other man-made institutions.  They will have played into the hands of despotic authoritarians hellbent on transforming the United States as founded.”

(Steve McCann – American Thinker) The rocky road this nation has traveled over the past 22 months has given rise to a severe loss of credibility for the government and the scientific/medical community.  But more importantly, these months of COVID hysteria have brought out into the open a fundamental question about the ethos of the American people, their leaders and the future of the nation.

An increasingly significant percentage of the citizenry is abandoning a belief in God and the Judeo-Christian teachings that undergird the foundation of the country, with many willfully substituting an unconditional faith in government.  Accordingly, the United States is evolving into a society wherein a significant majority can be willingly manipulated and extraordinarily susceptible to collective hysteria due their near-religious belief in the infallibility of a man-made institution. View article →


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