Incompetent Biden Administration’s COVID Test Website Faceplants on First Day

Somehow, no one who worked on this entire project remembered that some people live in apartment buildings.

(Athena Thorne – PJ Media) Please tell me there was SOMEONE among the collective currently running our country who could have put two brain cells together and foreseen this issue. Someone? Anyone?

And it was all going so swimmingly at first… The Biden Collective launched their much-ballyhooed COVID-19 test-ordering website, a day early, yet! I tried it out, as did many of my friends and colleagues, and it worked—quickly, easily, and smoothly….

We registered our home addresses and promptly received our confirmation emails. So far, so good.

The Biden administration has hammered the competence bar down so low that Leftists everywhere, starved for any small success they could claim, swooned and rejoiced over the incredible feat. The erstwhile-greatest country on earth was able to put up the most basic website, which has but one task to perform: capture the user’s address. Everyone, tremble with awe! View article →


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