The Wolves Will Become Sheep

“,,,Republicans should prepare a “Wolves-to-Sheep Committee” as a holding pen for vicious, dishonest smear artists such as Rep. Adam Schiff, whose willingness to lie and deceive the American people extends from the Steele Dossier to the present.” 

(Newt Gingrich – Newsweek) When some people acquire power, they act like wolves. They take whatever savage actions are needed to win and dominate. They turn their opponents and critics into sheep, who learn to be quiet or face vicious attacks and destruction.

Think of Joseph Stalin killing his rivals. Think of the Castro brothers torturing, imprisoning and exiling political opponents. Consider the decay of Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, as political opponents were imprisoned, killed and exiled. Recall the ruthlessness of Hugo Chavez in taking over Venezuela. He destroyed or exiled middle-class opponents….

Meanwhile, the militia was cheerful about using force to destroy the middle class, which had created a successful, wealthy Venezuela.

The United States has had relatively few bouts of wolf-like behavior, because the separation of powers woven into the constitutional fabric of our federal government, as well as the federalism that exists between the federal and state governments, have made it impossible to sustain wolf-like behavior. The American people routinely reject overreaching politicians, the U.S. Supreme Court limits the ability of the executive branch to overreach and the states retain so much power and independence that their leaders can limit the ability of Washington wolves in overreaching. View article →

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