As America Enters Year Three of COVID, The Biden Regime Struggles to Reprogram Its Pandemic-Crazed Base

“Through Mass Formation Psychosis, the ruling class left seems to have finally memed its true believers into a pattern that it can’t talk them out of. For two years, they sowed panic by promoting the cult of the mask, the cult of the lockdown, and the cult of the vaccine. Now, they can’t suppress the cults they have created. Similarly, they ignited a “racial reckoning” in 2020 and are now powerless to stop the frenzy of murder and crime that this “reckoning” unleashed in every major city.”

(Revolver News) Readers of Revolver have known the truth about Covid-19 for well over a year now. The truth, reduced to a few key and essential facts, is as follows:

    • Covid-19 is, overall, not that deadly, and getting less deadly all the time.
    • Most of those who die of Covid are already unwell, often extremely unwell.  More…

  • Most interventions to contain Covid, in particular lockdowns and ubiquitous masking, don’t work.
  • Children are nearly immune to Covid and do very little to spread it.
  • In terms of effect on America’s prosperity, stability, health, and mental well-being, the “cures” for Covid have been far more harmful than the disease itself.

For the past year, stating these facts could get a person banned from Facebook or shut down on YouTube and Twitter.

But now, abruptly, the Biden Administration and its mouthpieces are trying to make this the conventional wisdom. Sensing political calamity if it can’t get the country to move past Covid, what might be called the “West Wing” branch of progressivism desperately wants to adjust narratives and calm their base down, so that life (and the economy) can go back to normal. View article →


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