Dr. Robert Malone: ‘We’ve known how to cure COVID since about March of 2020’

“Malone also discussed explosive new data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) regarding possible COVID vaccine side effects, which three military medical whistleblowers recently came forward with when they saw a significant increase in common vaccine injuries during 2021.”

(Natalia Mittelstadt – Just the News) COVID-19 mask mandates were never necessary, says Dr. Robert Malone.

“We’ve known how to cure COVID since about March of 2020,” the mRNA vaccine pioneer-turned-critic told “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show cohosts John Solomon and Amanda Head.

The sudden scramble two years later by Democratic governors to lift mask mandates “is a clear pivot consequent to their horrible polling numbers,” Malone said. “It’s exactly what I predicted when people were asking me, ‘How will we know when this thing is over?’ I’ve said, ‘Well, you’ll know it because they’ll all start giving awards to each other and claiming that they’re the ones that are responsible for curing it.'” View article →


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