The Psychology and Negative Effects of Repetitive Lyrics in Modern Worship Music

“These people believe they are worshiping God but this song isn’t even about God. Let’s just be real, this song wasn’t designed to cause one to worship the one true God revealed in Scripture. This song was designed to sell.”

(Reformation Charlotte) Today’s worship landscape has been overtaken by modern, contemporary music as the hymns of the old days that contained good theology have been largely abandoned. In this article, I want to compare the psychology of the lyrics of two popular worship songs; one hymn without repetitive lyrics and one contemporary single with them.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m concerned with psychology. Shouldn’t we only be concerned with what the Scriptures have to say about worship? The answer to that is a resounding “yes,” however, a cursory look at the psychology will explain why charismatics–who don’t actually adhere to biblical principles in worship–are attached to shallow, repetitive music in the way that they are. View article →

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Christian music? Not so much by Marsha West – In this 2009 article, I wrote:  I’m not saying that all CCM is worldly. I’m simply pointing out that Christians should pay attention to the words they are singing because a believer’s sole aim is to glorify God. Words matter! Even the words you sing must be Christ-centered not man-centered. Songs that contain lyrics taken verbatim from Scripture are most likely Christ-centered.

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