What makes your moral boundaries more loving than mine?

“That Brinton is one of many deceived people futilely looking for fulfillment and a sense of belonging in sexual idolatry is actually of less cultural consequence than the growing number of well-intentioned individuals who feel decency and love require defending depravity.”

(Peter Heck – Not the Bee) I first read the news on PJ Media. Sam Brinton publicly announced he was accepting an offer from the Biden administration to become the “Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.”

My first reaction? If that isn’t a perfect indication of how bloated and excessive the needless corpulence of American government has become, I don’t know what would be. Map this out to fully appreciate it. You take the Department of Energy and split it into various offices including one for nuclear energy. Then you divide that up into various categories including one for spent fuel and waste disposition. You have a secretary over that category. They get multiple assistants. Those assistants have their own deputies. It’s insane. View article →

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