JD Hall, pastor and publisher of popular conservative site ‘Protestia’ sued for libel by transgender lobbyist

Transgender lobbyist Adrian Jawort – Facebook photo

Salty language warning.

The thing that has saddened Pastor Hall the most…is the number of conservative Christian pastors who have shied away from publicly supporting him. It’s not that they think he’s wrong. They privately admit that they are “afraid” of the LGBT movement and the power of the state. As one pastor told him, “I just can’t have them picketing my church.”

(Mass Resistance) A conservative pastor who is the publisher of Montana’s largest and most influential conservative news site is being sued for “libel” by a bizarre transgender lobbyist. The leftist judge assigned to the case is also threatening the pastor with fines and a gag order even before the trial takes place.

This assault on free speech and free press is buttressed by the state’s far-left legal establishment and appears to be funded by the wealthy LGBT and Planned Parenthood lobby. The aggressive legal action, including an invasive “discovery” process of the pastor’s media operation, is clearly aimed to put the conservative news site and its subsidiary voices out of business. The radicals would even like to dictate what the pastor may say in his own church. View article →

Pastor Jordan Hall, who has 5 children, has been forced to file bankruptcy. You can help support him here.

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Mass Resistance title: Free speech and free press under huge assault in Montana by LGBT legal network

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