The Wickedness of Putin and the Problem of Power

“Putin is committing acts of evil. Of that, there can be no debate. But it seems mankind is fated to be ruled by people who lust for the trappings of power and do not desire the burdens of service. Let us not forget that the wickedness of Putin can be found much closer to home.”

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media) In an article in The Hill on Tuesday, Russia analyst Fiona Hill gave her take on the horrific situation in Ukraine. Of note, Hill said that Putin is motivated by a desire to reestablish “Russian dominance of what Russia sees as the Russian ‘Imperium.’” This includes more real estate than what was under the Soviet Union. And who knows? Putin may see himself as heir apparent to the tsars….

It is not unheard of. Many forget that out of the chaos that erupted after the French Revolution, Napoleon had himself crowned emperor and wanted to build an empire. Putin may have convinced himself that he is merely reacting to what he sees as NATO infringement or trying to establish national unity and identity. As lofty as those goals may sound to Putin, the pictures and news out of Ukraine paint an entirely different picture.  View article →


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