Woke Ed Litton will not seek reelection as SBC President

“Ed Litton was going to face a challenge in Anaheim from concerned Southern Baptists. The Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) has said as much. It was clear the organization planned to offer a slate of candidates as a conservative alternative to the Woke and plagiarist faction. Litton’s withdrawal changes the tone of the campaign.”

(Capstone Report) Sermongate tainted Ed Litton retreats in disgrace. Will preside at Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Anaheim but not seek reelection as SBC President.

The disgraced plagiarist Ed Litton announced via video that he will not seek reelection as President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) at the June SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. In a video that felt more like something starring Bill Clinton than an SBC President, Litton announced he was going to dedicate time to a “a gospel-centered racial reconciliation” program. Litton’s decision not to seek reelection likely was influenced by the Sermongate plagiarism scandal. View article →


Southern Baptist Convention

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