UKRAINE WAR: An (Almost) Complete Collection of Everything We’re Doing Wrong

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) The Ukraine War isn’t going well for anybody, but it seems like the country making the biggest mistakes is the biggest country not even fighting there.

Yeah, that’s the United States, led, as it were, by Presidentish Joe Biden.

There’s also an undercurrent of progressives hellbent on starting World War III, but we’ll get to them shortly.

Before even the start of the Ukraine War, Biden was pinned down (willingly) on his left flank by his party’s “green” interests.

Case in point: Biden’s ban on Russian oil imports.

Oil is a commodity, which means that if we don’t buy Russian oil, somebody else will. The way to hurt Russia financially would be to do everything in our power to lower the price of oil. Everything Biden is doing (or not doing) will keep prices high or even raise them further. View article →


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