This doctor’s alarming observations are sufficient to halt the COVID vaccines in the US

“There is even a US government form now so you can turn in any doctor who challenges the official narrative. Basically, the government is asking us to be spies to help them eliminate people who disagree with the narrative.”

(Steve Kirsch) On March 5, “A Midwestern Doctor” (who I will abbreviate as “AMD”) published a long Substack article that meticulously chronicled his/her observations of adverse events (AEs) associated with the COVID vaccine. This is very rare as most doctors are too busy to do such an analysis….

Based on the observation of this one doctor alone, the critical event rates are high enough to justify that the vaccines should be immediately halted based on safety concerns.


AMD has to hide his/her identity or he/she will be fired. That’s how the medical system is designed: if you speak against the system, you lose your job. Period.

So to make things easier, I’ll assume AMD is a man.

The AEs documented by AMD were partly from his own patients, but mostly related by people who AMD directly knows. So no more than one step removed: a direct friend of a direct friend.

The results of his analysis (from the Conclusion section of the article): View article →

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DISCLAIMER: This news story is posted for informational and research purposes and is not in any way intended as an endorsement of Steve Kirsch.

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