Phil Johnson Responds to Julie Roys in the Most Appropriate Way Possible +Demonstrates her Dishonesty

(Protestia) We have previously responded to the allegations that John MacArthur and Grace Community Church mishandled a church discipline case here. We strongly advise everyone to read it before proceeding. In the article, we offer some possible explanations of where this went sideways (if indeed it did at all) while also showing the problematic and contemptible nature of much of Julie Roys’ reporting.

Despite having the story for weeks or months ahead of time, she released the article on the 8th….

This is a day before Shepherd’s Conference started so in order to do maximal damage. It also ensured that the team at Grace Church would be busy for the next three days during the conference, then have the weekend, and then by Monday, enough time would pass where she and others could complain that the involved parties must be hiding something on account of their obfuscating and refusal to release a statement as if allegations from 20 years ago must be responded to within a handful of days lest they be accused of ignoring it or brushing it aside. View article →


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