Yes, Gender Clinics Are Performing Sex-Change Operations on Minor Children. We Have the Receipts.

(Megan Fox – PJ Media) Alix Aharon is the owner of the Gender Mapping Project, which seeks to abolish the highly lucrative gender industry that is preying on vulnerable children and their families. The website offers a strong mission statement and many resources.

The Global Gender Mapping Project is an educational resource for anyone who has been affected by the gender industry, we offer no apologies for our dedication to abolishing the gender industry. We are dedicated to delivering the truth about what is happening to children and youth by documenting the hard numbers on how many gender clinics, how many surgical clinics, and recording evidence where necessary….

We wish to hold those who are harming to account and we demand justice for the victims. It is important to document who is doing what to whom and identify those who are harming vulnerable children for profit.

The Gender Mapping Project offers classes for adults harmed by the gender industry, online prostitution, pornography, and social media cults that are causing many young people to get lost down the dark road of gender ideology. The project is also tracking gender clinics around the world that are performing surgeries like orchiectomies (testicle removal) on children as young as twelve. View article →


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