Lesbians and Homosexuals to Train Leaders at AWANA ‘Child Discipleship’ Conference

“It is clear the direction the ministry is moving—the same direction that the rest of mainstream Evangelicalism is going. Ultimately, this is going to have an effect from the top down and it will make its way into your church if it is not stopped.”

(Reformation Charlotte) AWANA is a program used by many Evangelical churches as a tool to train children in various areas of discipleship, primarily, Scripture memorization. While churches use the program in varying degrees—ranging from nothing more than practicing and reciting Scripture to using the full curriculum—it should be noted that the direction the ministry is going is troubling, to say the least.

In full disclosure, I have personally been an AWANA leader at my own church for several years and have never run into any serious issues. The Scripture memory books are pretty basic and the program and activities themselves are formulated by our church. The AWANA program is simply going to be what the Church makes of it and just because a church is using the AWANA program doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be taught the troubling trends that are coming from the top. View article →


AWANA concerns

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