The Sheer Madness of Today’s Left

“These contradictions that lead to insanity enrage Americans. They believe the fiascos of 2021-2022 were almost a case study how to destroy a great nation economically, materially, culturally, socially, politically, and militarily in just 14 months.”

(Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness) “Madness! Madness . . . madness!” — The Bridge on the River Kwai

With that exclamation, director David Lean ended his epic film about a dutiful but vainglorious British officer who sought to display to his Japanese captors superior British discipline and morale in a prisoner of war camp. As proof of British engineering superiority, he pursues his agendas by ordering his POWs to build for their Japanese captors a strategic bridge that otherwise they could not have built—only to try to destroy the efforts of fellow Allied soldiers sent to blow-up his masterpiece. For the delusional ideologue, reality must never intrude.

So it is now. When the rock of green and woke ideology hits the hard place of reality, sheer madness always results.

The world prices of oil and natural gas are skyrocketing. At the time of a major war in Ukraine, the Western democracies have framed the conflict as existential, with a Russia/Mordor on the attack against a declining West/Gondor.  View article →


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