Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson Shills ‘Healing School’ Heresy While Wife Dying of Cancer

“This incongruence between heretical wishful thinking and reality is best seen in a new post by Johnson, who is inviting people to come to a “healing school” where they can pay $165 to train in both becoming a healer, and also being healed.”

(Protestia) Beni Johnson is married to one of the most famous faith healers in the world, and yet she is dying of cancer. This is an inescapable fact. Diagnosed in 2017, the wife of Bill Johnson had CT scans recently that revealed her body is full of tumors, and a few weeks ago she took a turn for the worse, prompting the church to set up a 24/7 prayer chain for her….

While we pray for her healing, we’ve sadly already written her obituary as her odds of recovery absent a miracle are essentially non-existent.

This is a sobering reality, given that Johnson, who oversees the 10,000 member word-faith Bethel megachurch in Redding, California, regularly claims to heal stage-4 cancer. He teaches that with enough faith, one can be healed, as healing is a promise that is a part of the gospel, and the church incessantly advertises all the miracles that happen within their congregation. View article →


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