Proof has emerged from the White House that Biden’s presidency is over

“Worse was still to come.  Normally, everyone in the room should be clamoring to be near the American president.   After all, political power is the strongest magnetic force in the world.  But in Biden’s case, he was the creep at the party, the one everyone assiduously ignores and avoids,”

(Andrea Widburg – American Thinker) Barack Obama was at the White House yesterday, making it clear, as did others at the reception held in Obama’s honor, that Biden’s presidency is over. Watching Obama suck the oxygen out of the room made me wonder if Obama is planning a comeback, something he can easily do.

The ostensible reason for Obama’s return to the White House was to celebrate Obamacare’s twelfth anniversary (if you can celebrate our modern, cowardly, corporate-run “medical care,” along with overpriced insurance that does little for people with serious health issues).  The reception in Obama’s honor, though, hinted that the event’s real purpose was to signal to Democrat apparatchiks that Biden is now shark chum.

The chumming process began when Obama referred to Biden as the “vice president,” adding, after a long pause, “That was a joke.” View article →


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