China’s Baffling Misstep On ‘Zero Covid’ Gives America a Glimmer Of Hope

“So, what to make of all this? Since the early days of Covid, some have theorized that China “faked out” the West; publicly treating Covid hyper-seriously early on in order to trick the rest of the world into overreacting and committing economic suicide. This theory was always far-fetched, but now it is definitively debunked. Outside of a few profoundly mentally ill cities like Philadelphia, the world has moved on from Covid, yet China continues to obsess over the virus.”

(Revolver News) China was supposed to be smarter than this.

For two weeks, China has had its largest, richest, and most Western-style mainland city on lockdown. Coronavirus has been spreading through the city at a rate of 25,000 new cases per day. This outbreak is China’s largest since Covid-19 first appeared in Wuhan 28 months ago….

Yet despite having two years of mistakes from the rest of the world to learn from, China is making the same catastrophic blunders that the U.S. and others did, and in the process jeopardizing all the economic and political gains it has accrued over the past two years. 

The lockdown opened ominously enough, with robot dogs roaming the streets warning residents to stay inside. View article →


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