Hell hath no fury like progressive Christians reading The Babylon Bee

“The Bee regularly harpoons progressivism’s sacred cows, and even more potently skewers the idols of progressive Christianity. Of course those watching their gods be torched aren’t going to be big fans of the dudes spitting the fire.”

(Peter Heck – Not the Bee) When it comes to getting progressive Christians worked into pious, self-righteous indignation, there is nothing that holds a candle to the Christian satirists who work at The Babylon Bee. Global poverty, the immigration crisis, lack of potable water in the third world, communist genocide in the Far East, or the West’s steady decline into the pit of sexual immorality?…

None of that will get left-leaning believers stomping and tweeting quite like a Bee headline.

See Kyle J. Howard’s tweet on the site

I have written about Howard’s pharisaical tendencies before, and it only takes a quick Google search to reveal that he’s been falsely accusing The Babylon Bee of being racist for several years now. Still, I was curious what headline from The Bee had prompted this most recent explosion of anger on the Christian Left. I’m still struggling to comprehend how this was it: View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

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