How Left-wing Covid Narratives INFILTRATED Churches

The federal government used Christian evangelical leaders to spread Covid propaganda. Be sure to watch Megan Basham’s video at the bottom of the page to hear her explain how our government manipulated progressive evangelical leaders to spread the word.

For those who would prefer reading about how the government operates, we’re re-posting an article we published on February 23 by Megan Basham:

Excerpt: Ed Stetzer, CT, and The Gospel Coalition [along with Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N.T. Wright] were hardly alone in uncritically lending their sway over rank-and-file evangelicals to Collins. The list of Christian leaders who passed the NIH director their mics to preach messages about getting jabs, wearing masks, and accepting the official line on Covid is as long as it is esteemed.”

(Megan Basham) In September, Wheaton College dean Ed Stetzer interviewed National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins on his podcast, “Church Leadership” about why Christians who want to obey Christ’s command to love their neighbors should get the Covid vaccine and avoid indulging in misinformation.

For those not familiar with Stetzer, he’s not just a religious liberal arts professor and this wasn’t just another dime-a-dozen pastorly podcast. To name just a few of his past and present titles in the evangelical world, Stetzer is also the executive director of the Billy Graham Center and the editor-in-chief of Outreach media group. He was previously an editor at Christianity Today and an executive director at LifeWay, one of the largest religious publishers in the world. That’s to say nothing of the dozen-plus books on missions and church planting he’s authored.

In short, when it comes to leveraging high evangelical offices to influence everyday Christians, arguably no one is better positioned than Ed Stetzer. You may not know his name, but if you’re a church-going Protestant, it’s almost guaranteed your pastor does. View article →

Megan’s video: