Secret Soros-Funded GFI Implements Key Biden Agenda Items

“George Soros operatives work in the White House to help expedite his authoritarian plan for the United States. For example, our open borders scream Soros’s dream of a borderless open society. In hacked emails in 2016, he promotes massive illegal immigration as the quickest means to obtain a permanent electoral majority.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) We now know thanks to Fox News Digital and Liberty Daily that a secretive group – Governing for Impact (GFI) – funded heavily by leftist George Soros is working to shape US policy in the Biden administration. At the same time, Soros operatives currently work in the White House….

The latest information gives us a look into who is actually running the US government. It certainly isn’t Joe Biden.

GFI boasts in internal memos of implementing more than 20 of its regulatory agenda items as it works to reverse Trump-era deregulations by zeroing in on education, environmental, health care, housing, and labor issues, Fox News reports. View article →


George Soros – Many articles on this man and his diabolical plans for America.

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