Supporters of Joe Biden are detached from reality

“Joe Biden lives in a dream world, of that I am certain. And part of that construct is looking away from vexing problems. Like chaos at the southern border. Like horrendous violent crime. Like progressive indoctrination of students.”

(Bill O’Reilly) You know them. Some folks are detached from reality and have constructed a fantasy place that provides comfort from the cold world. They hide in plain sight.

Let’s get specific. According to the polls, about 35 percent of Americans still think President Biden is doing a good job….

I guess these are the same folks who believe in the Easter Bunny who, just last week, led old Joe away from reporters.

On the other side, a few days after the election of 2020, I told my audience the vote would not be overturned unless massive evidence of fraud was presented to the federal courts. Well, I took some heat from the Trump dream team, who objected to my analysis which, of course, turned out to be true. View article →

CRN changed Bill O’Reilly’s title: Living the Dream

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