After the Dobbs Leak, Here Comes the Real Insurrection

(Stephen Green – PJ Media) Welcome to Insanity Wrap, your weekly dose of the best of the worst. After SCOTUS knocks down Roe v Wade, here comes the real insurrection.


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It’s been an emotional 16 hours or so since — for the first time in history — a Supreme Court decision was leaked.

If the rumors are anything to go by, some SCOTUS clerk launched a one-person insurrection against our legal process.

I’ll get the obvious out of the way first.

The leak was a partisan political hit job, meant to rally public opinion in such an angry, frightening way that at least one judge would recant their heresy.

Instead of getting caught up in the induced fever, I’m going to try and be the voice of reason today.

Wait here a moment while I mix myself a double Bloody Mary because this won’t be easy.

You could say that Roe v Wade — regardless of your stance for or against abortion — was the actual insurrection, an attack on our laws and processes now five decades old. A handful of justices whipped up a constitutionally recognized right out of thin air and forced state governments to abide by it regardless of the will of their constituents. View article →


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