Abortion Is Not a Reproductive Right

(Alan Shlemon – Stand to Reason) Abortion-choice advocates routinely refer to abortion as a reproductive right. That’s misleading. Abortion isn’t about reproduction. It can’t be about reproduction. The word “reproduction” is formed from the combination of “re” (again) + “produce” (to make). It means to produce again, make a copy, or—in our context—simply to create another human being.

Abortion, however, refers to just the opposite, even if you grant the euphemistic definition usually offered: “the termination of a pregnancy.” To terminate is almost opposite of producing something. That’s one reason why it doesn’t make sense to classify abortion as a reproductive right.

In every elective abortion, a couple already has made a body. Two human beings have produced another human being by re-producing. Though a couple does have a reproductive right, it is only during the time that precedes the act of reproduction. Any action taken upon the product of reproduction is no longer about reproduction. View article →


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