Midterms 2022: Expect the Worst

“The Democrat Party,” Alexander Markovsky writes in Liberal Bolshevism, represents “an epochal shift to an ideology that signifies the total inversion of American historical traditions and values.” Indeed, it is not so much a party as a criminal organization that knows how to rig a game. Dinesh D’Souza made that clear in his damning exposé 2000 Mules. The Democrats are aware that they cannot win a fair election.

(David Solway – PJ Media) It is currently a popular meme that the Republicans are poised for a Congressional sweep in the 2022 midterm elections, perhaps flipping as many as 40 — some say 60 — seats and regaining control of both houses….

After all, the Democrats have performed so poorly across the board, whether in foreign policy, the economic realm, the maelstrom at the southern border, and in the overall domestic havoc they have wrought, as to constitute a disaster not seen in many decades, if not in living memory.

Is this about to change? Victor Davis Hanson is not so sure. “The traditional bedrocks of the American system,” he writes, “a stable economy, energy independence, vast surpluses of food, hallowed universities, a professional judiciary, law enforcement, and a credible criminal justice system — are dissolving … The common denominator in all of this is ideology overruling empiricism, common sense, and pragmatism … Is that not the tired story of left-wing revolutionaries from 18th-century France to early 20th-century Russia to the contemporary disasters in Cuba and Venezuela?” View article →



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