Fanatic Cult Leader Klaus Schwab: ‘The Future Is Being Built By Us’

“Panels included: investing in China, averting a global food crisis (partnered with CNN for this), staying the course for climate change, equitable responses to the pandemic (partnering with Politico and focusing on Moderna’s CEO), equitable economic outlook for the US (partnering with the NYT), shaping the future on investing (partnering with Reuters), defining the US (WSJ on stakeholder capitalism).”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) On Day 1 of the World Economic Forum, attendees – the global elites – unabashedly flew in on their private gas-guzzling jets to discuss climate change.


The day got off to a great start with Hilterian Klaus Schwab sounding dictatorial. “The future is being built by us,” he asserted. During his speech, he pushed for stakeholder capitalism which is a feudalistic form of communism. It’s not capitalism at all unless you consider the elite owning everything and you owning only what they let you have – capitalism.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a fanatical political organization with specific global policy goals related to advancing an authoritarian “climate” agenda. Although they claim to be transparent, they meet behind closed doors by invitation only. What they say in public is bad enough. View article →


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