Hope for the Vaccine Injured

“The same medical establishment that denied the existence of effective treatments for COVID in their push for vaccines, now works against those injured by them. But there is hope.”

(Debra Heine – American Greatness) Fox News anchor John Roberts recently asked on Twitter: “Question: anyone out there having chest pain after getting the booster?”

Over 4,600 replies later, it would appear that many of his Twitter followers have indeed suffered chest pain, along with many other adverse events after getting injected with the mRNA or Adenoviral Vector DNA genetic products.

“I had numerous internal bleeding and eventually a mysterious heart issue after the first 2 shots. No boosters . . . EVER!!!!” responded sports talk radio host Tony Bruno.

“To my shock yes. One week after booster of Pfizer (had two astra zenecas first) I had chest pain and palpitations for a week,” replied Jenny Weyman, an Australian nurse practitioner. “Distressing. Went to hospital to get checked. No answers. I gave the vaccines also. It was really not pleasant. Unsure if I want mRNA vaccine again.” View article →



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