Establishment’s Navarro Message: ‘We Can Get You Anytime. You Can’t Touch Even a Single One of Ours’

“Many of this dark radicalism’s cheerleaders will learn, as the plight of liberals Robert F. Kennedy Jr., J.K. Rowling, and Martina Navratilova evidence, that this iron muzzle will leave no dissenting voice untouched…”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American) It’s a tale of two standards. One is represented by Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann walking out of a D.C. federal court, freed by a jury that included three Clinton campaign donors. Weathermen terrorist Bill Ayers’s post-acquittal line “Guilty as sin, free as a bird” could come to mind.

The other standard is represented by elderly former Donald Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro being arrested at an airport, shock-and-awe style, for resisting a congressional subpoena, a “crime” that media generally shrug off when Democrats do it.

It’s justice, Venezuela-style, and it “sends an an unmistakable message,” writes the Federalist’s Ben Weingarten: “We can get you anytime, anywhere, on any grounds we choose. You can’t touch even a single one of ours.” View article →



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