Why the AR-15 Is Misunderstood — and Loved

“Far from devastating, the AR-15’s standard round is small caliber (similar to a .22’s diameter) and has the second least stopping power of the 58 cartridges found on this Rifle Cartridge Killing Power List page.”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American) On Tuesday, CNN published a video segment titled “Why gun owners say they love AR-15 style rifles.” Some may wonder, “How could you love such a thing?!” Perhaps to the surprise of many, CNN did provide a glimpse into the answer. But the outlet also interviewed one of its military analysts, a retired Army officer, who appeared a voice of reason but whose statements were without reason.

The segment opened with CNN reporter Randi Kaye visiting Eagle Gun Range in Farmers Branch, Texas, where she introduced us to AR-15 aficionado Anna Thomasson. Thomasson wasn’t taught to shoot as a girl, but adopted the hobby in 2015 after a bout with breast cancer sidelined her marathon-running endeavors. She so fell in love with the activity that she, along with her husband, became AR-15 instructors.  View article →



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