Does the Progressive Socialist Left Read the Constitution?

“The courts are supposed to interpret the law, not make law, nor create individual rights. Sadly, this is all lost on our rather misguided leftist friends. They believe that courts should make law rather than issue decisions. Roe is not and has never been the “law of the land” because it cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution and the legislative branch has never passed it and submitted it to the executive branch to become law.”

(Allen West – Townhall) This is a very tumultuous and critical time in the life cycle of our Constitutional Republic. It was just a few weeks ago that I penned a missive titled “Constitutional Rights vs Ideological Rights” for this conservative platform. Who would have ever thought how quickly that writing would come to fruition?…

I must admit, after last week’s apoplectic meltdowns by the progressive socialist leftists I have to wonder if they have ever read the Constitution of these United States of America?

Let’s begin with the left’s burdensome concealed carry restrictions that were overturned by the Supreme Court last week. When one reads the text of the Second Amendment, it clearly articulates that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” And what is the purpose of that right? Simple, it is for the security of a free state, meaning our nation. For leftists to impart a delusional restriction forcing legal, law-abiding Americans to prove why they need to be armed and protected outside of their home is absurd and unconstitutional. View article →



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