Roe, Dobbs, and God’s Judgment

“I agree with the movement to designate June as Pro-Life Month.  We should turn June 24, 2022 into a remembrance for the abortion holocaust.  I do not think it should involve fireworks, but it should share a sense of God’s mercy.  We should take June back from its status as Pride Month and drown out the six-stripe rainbow flags with emblems of our reverence for the sanctity of life.  But to honor such a Month of Life, we have to reflect on the following points….”

(Robert Oscar Lopez – The American Thinker) The news came down from Washington, D.C.: Roe v. Wade has been overturned!

There was some rioting, of course — there was bound to be.  But a lot of America rejoiced.

The Good News First

Notwithstanding the important caveats raised by Ann Coulter about the low numbers of abortions that will be stopped by Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the historic importance of Dobbs cannot be brushed aside.

The most recent judicial event of a similar magnitude would be Brown v. the Board of Education of seventy years ago, which overturned Plessy v. Ferguson and the doctrine of “separate but equal” (Dobbs 4). Like Brown‘s role in the history of segregation, Dobbs does not eradicate evil in one swoop.  But it demolishes the jurisprudence that has protected evil from rightful scrutiny. View article →


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