Biden’s New DOE Staffer Defended Gay ‘Escort’ Website That Allegedly Allowed Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution

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(Debra Hein – American Greatness) Joe Biden’s new deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the The Department of Energy (DOE) defended a criminal gay prostitution website seven years ago after it was raided and shut down by NYPD and DHS investigators.

Transvestite and “pup fetishist” Sam Brinton began his service at the DOE on June 19.

An article by Brinton decrying the raid appeared in the LGBTQ site Advocate in September of 2015. It was recently unearthed by the National Pulse.

In his oped, Brinton argued that the dissolution of was “more dangerous than the website ever was” because it forced boy prostitutes to move back home and face the “horrors” of “conversion therapy,” (also known as reparative therapy). View article →


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