Identity Politics for People Without Identities

“Victimhood identity politics is debilitating for minorities, but even more so for white wokes who rely on them for moral validation, playing saviors and oppressors, exoticising minorities to achieve a secondhand sense of meaning and purpose through them, rather than with them.”

(Daniel Greenfield – Frontpage Mag} There’s no one quite so woke as a white twenty-something with no identity of his, her or xer own, only peer tastes and consumer products. The corporate fusion of consumerism and identity politics in which everyday brands and retailers from Dove to Walmart champion black nationalism or celebrate ‘pride’ happened because they have the same target demographic.

Identity politics, like brand consumerism, is identity for people without healthy identities. The political resurrection of black nationalism was ushered in by Barack Obama, who wrote an entire book about his neurotic sense of racial inauthenticity. Sexual identity politics is equally neurotic. View article →



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