There’s No Way Joe Biden Survives This: Democrats Must Jettison Him BEFORE Midterm Season Heats Up

“I actually want Biden to remain alive and in office, so Republicans can impeach him, then investigate, subpoena, harass, raid, and colonoscopize him and his family and associates like Democrats are still doing to Trump.)”

(Athena Thorne – PJ Media) As the Hunter Biden story continues to explode in scandal and scope, it’s becoming impossible to hide. Even if Fake News and Big Tech keep up their efforts to suppress it, it’s so vast and egregious that it’s going to erupt into a campaign issue in the fall — and Democrats can’t have that.

I previously predicted that party handlers would keep Biden in place until after the midterm elections, then use him as a sop for all the Democrat’s failure vibes before jettisoning him ahead of the 2024 election season. But now, I don’t think they can wait that long: Hunter’s laptop and iPhone disaster is ballooning out of control.

Ordinarily, we on the right would disregard a story like Hunter Biden’s leaked videos and communications because it’s too perfect. It’s got everything: hookers, drugs, dysfunction, and massive Biden family corruption straight up to the top. It validates everything the right has been saying so perfectly, it simply has to be fake. But, no: it’s real. View article →



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