Rosaria Butterfield Retracts Her Former Anti-Conversion Therapy Position, Now Embraces ‘Freedom in Health Care’

“Rosaria Butterfield has issued an official retraction of her previous position and has embraced what she calls “freedom in health care” while acknowledging that reparative therapy can be useful and was not the monster they made it out to be.”

(The Dissenter) Rosaria Butterfield in 2014 wrote an article published at The Gospel Coalition referring to the practice of homosexual “reparative therapy” as a “heresy.” In the article, she wrote:

The reparative therapy heresy. This position contends a primary goal of Christianity is to resolve homosexuality through heterosexuality, thus failing to see that repentance and victory over sin are God’s gifts and failing to remember that sons and daughters of the King can be full members of Christ’s body and still struggle with sexual temptation. This heresy is a modern version of the prosperity gospel. Name it. Claim it. Pray the gay away. View article →


Is Rosaria Butterfield Leading the Sheep Over a Cliff? by Marsha West

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