Yet Another Leftist Is Caught Preying on Children

“As a survivor of this mentality and this kind of behavior, I cordially invite the Left to drop dead in a ditch and wait for the hyenas to show up. I grow weary of the Left mouthing words to prove how sensitive and caring it is while doing whatever it wants to further its agenda or satiate its appetites when it thinks no one is looking.” 

(Lincoln Brown – PJ Media) You know, you think after a certain amount of time, the Left would have the wherewithal to look closely at its ranks and purge them of the human sewage that swims through their population like the proverbial corn-eyed sewer trout (stercore pisces). But as has been proven time and again, the Left will overlook quite a bit as long as someone is mouthing the right slogans. The sheriff’s deputies in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan? Well, not so much.

Recently, three men in Isabella County, Michigan, were brought in for an all-expense paid getaway at the Isabella County Greybar Hotel for attempting to meet minors for sexual purposes via social media. According to WILX News 10, as the result of a sting operation, Joel Middleton, 27, of Shepherd, 59-year-old Harrison resident Jeffrey Davis Harrison, and 41-year-old Eric Rohman, from Mount Pleasant, are all currently enjoying their newfound status as the most popular girls on their cellblock. Unless they made bail. In which case it becomes a matter of “save-the-date.” View article →



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