Blame Hollywood, Not Firearms Manufacturers, for Gun Violence

“I’ve often mentioned that when people are indoctrinated with moral relativism/nihilism and hence don’t believe in Truth (absolute and universal by definition), they won’t have the latter to reference when making “moral” decisions. They’ll then use the most compelling behavior guide they have left: emotion.”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American) Question: If we’re going to assign indirect blame, who is more responsible for a kid who kills somebody drag racing? The company that made the car?

Or a person who legitimized and glamorized street drag racing in the kid’s eyes?

While many leftists want firearms manufacturers sued into oblivion, a similar question to the above is increasingly being asked regarding youths committing violence with guns, as was the case in Uvalde, Texas. Last month, liberal comedian-cum-commentator Bill Maher editorialized against, as he put it, Hollywood’s “unbridled romanticization of gun violence.” Now Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC), has weighed in, noting that Hollywood “has been allowed to depict gun violence for too long, glamorizing it for countless viewers, particularly teenagers and children.” View article →



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